Plugin Diagrammer for creation of the diagrams and the flowcharts

Plugin Diagrammer add a wiki command (:diagram:)...(:diagramend:) for creation of a diagrams and a flowcharts. The notation for the command (:diagram:)...(:diagramend:) is the notation of blockdiag library. The notation like the notation of DOT from graphviz but has a slightly more modest capabilities.

Download (version 1.0.5)
Required OutWiker version: or above


Diagrammer give graphic interface for the easier using notation of the blockdiag. Majority of options of diagram, nodes, edges and groups can set from dialogs.

dlg_diagrammer_en.png: 570x385, 43k (22.08.2014 11:41)
Dialog with the diagram settings
dlg_node_en.png: 431x442, 35k (22.08.2014 11:41)
Dialog with the node settings
dlg_group_en.png: 465x325, 29k (22.08.2014 11:41)
Dialog with the group settings
dlg_edge_en.png: 389x439, 32k (22.08.2014 11:41)
Dialog with the edge settings


Hereinafter shown examples and the result of the command (:diagram:). The examples show only part features of the Diagrammer plugin and blockdiag library.

Types of the edges

A <-> B -> C
B -- D

Using the various arrow head

A <- B [hstyle = generalization]
C <- D [hstyle = composition]
E <- F [hstyle = aggregation]

Design notes and edges

orientation = portrait;
A [shape = circle, color = "#F0C538"];
B [shape = cloud, style = dashed, textcolor = "#314BE2"];
C [color = "black", textcolor = "red"];

B <- A;
B <- C [style = "10,4", thick, color = "red"]

Using groups

A <-> B -> C
B -- D

group {

Version history

1.0.5 (October 17, 2016)

  • Added OutWiker 2.0 supporting.

1.0.4 (August 20, 2016)

  • Added the Swedish translation.

1.0.3 (February 11, 2016)

  • Updated the

1.0.2 (January 20, 2015)

  • Minor interface improvements.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Cleanup code.

1.0.1 (September 11, 2014)

  • Added the Italian localization.
  • Bug fixes.

1.0 (August 22, 2014)

  • The first version.

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