TeXEquation. Plug-in for inserting the equations in the TeX format

The TeXEquation plug-in add two new commands to wiki notation. The commands allow you to insert the equations with TeX format.


Version 2.0.2
Required OutWiker version: or above

Version 1.0.3
Required OutWiker version: or above

texequation_result.png: 1094x804, 170k (18.03.2017 09:43) texequation_wiki.png: 1094x804, 176k (18.03.2017 09:43)

Before OutWiker 1.9 ability of the using TeX notation was embedding as main feature, but not all users need equations, so the decision was made move the feature to plug-in.

Warning! All non Latin letters in an equation must be encapsulated in the \text{...} command, otherwise the equation will not be displayed.

TeXEquation plug-in adds the following commands to wiki notation:

  • {$...$} to insert the in-line equation which do not break the line.
  • {$$...$$} to insert the block equation which display as separated paragraph. This equation will be centered.

Version History

2.0.2 (May 28, 2017)

  • Fixed errors.

2.0.1 (April 25, 2017)

  • Updated Ukrainian localization.

2.0 (March 17, 2017)

  • Now to render the equations plug-in uses the Katex library instead mimeTeX.
  • Added the ability to insert block equations.

1.0.3 (October 17, 2016)

  • Added OutWiker 2.0 supporting.
  • Bug fixes.

1.0.2 (August 20, 2016)

  • Added the Swedish translation.

1.0.1 (February 11, 2016)

  • Bug fixes.

1.0 (October 30, 2015)

  • The first version.