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OutWiker's version history

3.2.0 (August 10, 2023)

  • Added the ability to create folders in attached files.
  • Added the ability to navigate to subfolders in the attachments panel.
  • Added the ability to insert links to files in attached subfolders.
  • Added page search in preview mode.
  • Added the support of nested subfolders for the (:include:) wiki command.
  • Added the support of nested subfolders for the wiki command.
  • Implemented highlighting the wiki command on wiki pages.
  • Changed design of the dialog about overwriting of attached files.
  • Improved design of links to attached files and other pages.
  • Added a new subdir parameter to (:attachlist:) wiki command.
  • Improved (:childlist:) and (:attachlist:) wiki commands result design.
  • Added new CSS classes to generated HTML code.
  • Added the ability to show hidden folders in attachments.
  • Added settings for the Minimize and Close buttons.
  • Added information about selected attachments to the status bar.
  • Added the ability to set the style of list item bullets on a wiki page.
  • Migrate to wxPython 4.2.1.

3.1.0 (April 16, 2022)

  • Improve dialog for creation notes and edit notes properties.
  • Improve work with hotkeys.
  • Improve attachments panel GUI.

3.0.0 (May 13, 2021)

  • Now you can use any symbols in the notes title.
  • New toolbars.
  • New design for popup window when clicking on the tag.
  • New interface to select notes icons.
  • New GUI displayed if the notes tree is not currently open.
  • New GUI when selecting the root of the notes tree.
  • New GUI to show a page with unknown type.
  • Add the ability to select notes position in the notes list.
  • Add watching for attached files for selected page.
  • Improved overwrite attached files dialog.
  • Other interface improvements.
  • Add German localization.
  • New commands for wiki pages to change text color and apply custom styles.
  • Add comments to wiki notation.
  • Added a new $title variable for the page style files .
  • Add a new page style "rifle_green_and_red".
  • Change the storage format for certain properties of the notes tree pages.
  • Change the way of storing standard icons in notes.
  • New application installer.
  • Change plug-ins format.
  • Migrate to Python 3.x and wxPython 4.1. (June 2017)

  1. The program now uses wxPython 3.0 library.
  2. The editor adds the ability to duplicate the current line with hot key or menu item.
  3. The editor adds the ability to delete the current line with hot key or menu item.
  4. The editor adds the ability to move lines up / down with hot keys or menu items.
  5. The editor adds the ability to join lines with the hot key or menu item.
  6. The editor adds the ability to remove word to beginning / ending with the hot key or menu item.
  7. The editor adds the ability to decreade nesting level of the list items with the hot key or menu item.
  8. Added the menu items to move cursor in text.
  9. Added the menu items to copy / cut the current line to clipboard.
  10. Added the "--page, -p" command line parameter to select page when starting.
  11. Added the "--normal" command line parameter to disable minimizing when starting.
  12. Added the "--debug" command line parameter to run in the debug mode.
  13. Added the Swedish translation.
  14. Restored availability the icon in the system tray on Linux.
  15. Added the ability to add alias to page.
  16. Changed GUI to set hot keys.
  17. Added options to change editor margin color.
  18. Added options to change background color of the selected text.
  19. Removed Italian localization. (April 09, 2016)

  1. Added spell checker.
  2. Created the groups for the icons.
  3. Now users can add custom icons.
  4. The choice of colors for the tag cloud.
  5. The choise the action when you make left or middle mouse click on the tag.
  6. The choise the action when you make double mouse click on the attached file.
  7. Added the new wiki commands for the table creation: (:table:), (:row:), (:cell:), (:hcell:).
  8. Improved search het keys for the actions.
  9. Added new icons.
  10. Added new page styles.
  11. Now in the link inserting dialog you can select an attached file to create link to it.
  12. Added help. (20.10.2014)

  1. Bug fixes (11.10.2014)

  1. Added the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Added the ability to refer to a page using unique identifiers.
  3. Added the ability to navigate through the links to pages with the anchors (page://bla-bla-bla/#anchor).
  4. Added the ability to use relative paths in the links on the pages (../../page 1/page 2).
  5. Added the ability to change the page style for branch of the pages at the same time.
  6. Added the ability of search and replace on the page.
  7. Added the buttons "Forward" and "Back" for the return to the previous pages.
  8. Added the ability to change the editor colors.
  9. Added the ability to change the behaviour of the Home / End keys id the editor (go to begin / end of the string or the paragraph).
  10. Added a new tag of the wiki syntax for quoting: [>...<].
  11. Added the button and menu item insertion the current date and time
  12. Added the commands (:crdate:) and (:eddate:) for insertion the creation and edition dates of the page respectively.
  13. Added the dialogs for the comands (:attachlist:), (:childlist:) and (:include:).
  14. Added the ability to sort child pages for the creation and edition date in the command (:childlist:).
  15. On the global search page added the ability to sort child pages for the creation date.
  16. Added new command line parameter "-r" or "--readonly" for the opening the notes tree readonly.
  17. Added the popup tooltips for icons in the property dialog for page.
  18. Added a new styles for page design.
  19. Added the button and menu item for opening a folder with a attached files in a system file manager.
  20. Added the saving recent used page style.
  21. Added the saving cursor position for page before closing.
  22. Added the Italian localization.
  23. Now in the attachments panel showed the files icons.
  24. Changed the hyphenation algorithm (br tags instead of p).
  25. Now opening the notes tree and global search cunduct in a separate thread.
  26. Now for every page saved the creation date.
  27. Now all HTML tags, which the wiki parser create, in a lowercase.
  28. Now help will be open in a separate window.
  29. Settings moved from ~/.outwiker more ideologically correct place (depending on the operating system).
  30. Added new icons for pages.
  31. Many accelerations.
  32. Bug fixes and improvments. (01.12.2012)

  1. Added the ability to open the notes in separate tabs.
  2. The toolbar is divided into several floating toolbars.
  3. Saved and displayed date of the last changes in the page.
  4. Greatly accelerated parsing and coloring of wiki syntax (bacceleration from 2 to 10 times).
  5. Added interface to insert some elements of wiki syntax.
  6. Added ability to larger and smaller font on wiki pages.
  7. Added ability to force rebuilding HTML-code on the wiki notation.
  8. Fixes in page templates.
  9. The distribution for Linux adds vector and large icons.
  10. Changes in the appearance of the search page.
  11. Created the installler for Windows.
  12. Fixed a bug where thumbnails were not created to wiki pages if extensions image files was recorded in capital letters.
  13. Fixed a bug that did not keep the size of internal windows (tree notes, attachments, etc.)
  14. Fixed other bugs.
  15. Many small fixes and improvements in the interface (19.05.2012)

  1. Redesigned properties dialog page.
  2. Wiki commands for decoration options for users and community livejournal.com removed from the program into a plugin.
  3. Added the wiki syntax coloring in the editor.
  4. Added ability to change the style pages.
  5. Now to align text to the wiki pages other than %center% and %right% you can use %left% and %justify%.
  6. Many small improvements. (23.02.2012)

  1. Tag cloud added to the main window.
  2. Added ability to select tags from the cloud of the existing tags.
  3. New features for the batch add / remove tags.
  4. Added ability to rename a tags.
  5. Minor changes in the interface. (07.12.2011)

  1. Added plugins support.
  2. Added timer autosave.
  3. Added check for changing the text notes, third-party programs.
  4. For HTML-pages added button for enable/disable automatic line break.
  5. Linux version is now installed in /usr, but not in /opt. Now the program can be invoked from the console with the command outwiker.
  6. Improved handling of wiki syntax for lists.
  7. Now search through the pages looking for search phrase in the filename of the attachment and title names.
  8. Bug fixes and minor interface improvements.
  9. The program is now being tested only under Python 2.7. (13.09.2011)

  1. New interface for selecting icons.
  2. Added new icon from famfamfam.com and yusukekamiyamane.com sets.
  3. New program icon (thanks Alexey Nabrodov).
  4. In the same page now working anchor.
  5. New item to add wiki notation anchors.
  6. Significantly reduced blinking and update the interface.
  7. Help in English (thanks Ilya Cheshkova for correcting my clumsy translation by Google Translate:)).
  8. Added keyboard shortcuts for the <PRE> tag on HTML page and for [@...@] on wiki page.
  9. Added hot keys and buttons for [[<<]] on wiki page.
  10. Added buttons for tags and <code> <blockquote> on HTML page.
  11. Added the "Update" button on attachment panel.
  12. Clicking on the icon in the tray, minimized window is unwrapped and deployed now being phased out.
  13. Fixed: for Windows not working links to pages that are in its path "#" symbol.
  14. Fixed a bug with corrupted file in the root __page.opt wiki.
  15. Other bug fixes and translation program.
  16. Code refactoring. (03.07.2011)

  1. On Windows, fixed the error due to which the links do not work on the search page.
  2. On Linux, fixed the error, because of which did not open the page, if the path to them was the '#'. (26.06.2011)

  1. Now, as HTML-rendering engine is used Internet Explorer for Windows version, WebKit for Linux version.
  2. Added ability to print notes and their source code.
  3. Added a new wiki tag {-...-} for the strikethrough text.
  4. Added a button to strikethrough text on a HTML-page.
  5. Ability to set the font size when browsing through your notes.
  6. Ability to install additional CSS styles for notes.
  7. Changing the shortcut key for switching between code and viewing on the F4.
  8. Added menu items to the wiki commands (:...:).
  9. Pages that are open in "read only", are italics.
  10. On Windows, the program should now work without install MS Visual C + + 2008 Redistributable Package.
  11. If you run Windows programs using the exe then error will be output to a file outwiker.log, which will be created in the same folder where the file settings outwiker.ini.
  12. Fixed error when trying to open wikis, if for some of the notes is not writable.
  13. Fixed a bug which caused the Windows did not work rendering of formulas, if the OutWiker was installed in a directory containing spaces. (24.04.2011)

  1. For wiki added the ability to enter formulas in the TeX notation (used mimeTex).
  2. Link to image in [[Attach: xxx.png]] or [[http://.../xxx.png]] on the wiki pages only inserts a link to an image and not the picture itself.
  3. Added a wiki command (: childlist :) to insert a list of child notes.
  4. Added a wiki command (: attachlist :) to insert a list of attached files
  5. Added a wiki command (: include :) for the contents of attached files.
  6. Added a wiki commands to insert links to users Livejournal.com (command (: ljuser :)) on LiveJournal Community (command (: ljcomm :)).
  7. The menu function is added to convert special characters HTML (<,>, etc.) in their HTML representation.
  8. Inside the operator [@ ... @] When parsing the wiki notation symbols "<" replaced by "<", and ">" - on ">".
  9. Added ability to specify a template for a blank wiki page (see Configuration).
  10. From the wiki notation removed the \\\, as it completely replaces the command [[<<]] (line break).
  11. The tree now shows the root note.
  12. Sort pages alphabetically was accelerated.
  13. Improved recognition of the links in a wiki page.
  14. Improved caching of a wiki page.
  15. In the title (!!, !!!!, Etc.) can now be used and some other elements of the wiki notation (bold, italics, etc, formulas and wiki commands (:. ..:)).
  16. Fixed bugs related to deleting and moving the notes that you can not delete / move due to blockage of their directories.
  17. Fixed an error that occurred when trying to save the page, the directory is removed by hand during the program.
  18. Fixed a crash program under Linux if you rename a page containing images that are downloaded from internet.
  19. Other minor fixes and refactoring. (23.02.2011)

  1. Rebuild the interface of the main window. Now it is possible to move and to close the panel with wood notes and attachments.
  2. Added ability to change the order of notes in the tree (shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Up / Ctrl + Shift + Down).
  3. Added ability to sort the entries forced the alphabetally.
  4. Added full screen mode.
  5. Auto-save notes when you switch to another application.
  6. Added ability to drag files from the windows of investment in other programs.
  7. New option: Always show icon in system tray.
  8. New option: the size of tabs in the editor.
  9. Now when you create a page, type of page is selected by default pages created last time.
  10. Now when you create a page directory __attach are not created. It is created when the first necessity.
  11. Reduced blinking of the main window for different actions.
  12. Bug fixes.
  13. Minor fixes in the interface. release (25.12.2010)

  1. Added preferences window.
  2. Added support for multiple languages ​​(now program has English and Russian interface).
  3. Added ability to minimize to tray.
  4. Added ability to automatically open the last time opened wiki at startup.
  5. Added ability to disable the question before exiting the program.
  6. Added ability to set the font for the editor.
  7. Added ability to turn line numbering in the editor window.
  8. New option: default size for thumbnails of images on wiki pages.
  9. Added tab to view the HTML code for a wiki page.
  10. Blank pages are opened by default on the tab for editing.
  11. If the page is blank, then tab to view a list of attached files (this feature can be disabled)
  12. New option: main window title. By default, there contain the name of the wiki and open the current page.
  13. New window "About", added tab "Donate".
  14. Fixed a bug related to storing the settings in the profile with Russian letters.
  15. Improved detection of Internet addresses in a wiki notation.
  16. Double click on the note in the tree to open a dialog with the properties of the page.
  17. Wiki files, which was opened in "read only" do not added to the list of recently opened files.
  18. Various minor bug fixes and interface improvements.

1.0 beta 3 (20.10.2010)

  1. Added a open mode "read only". Help now opens in this mode.
  2. The ability to store settings in your profile folder, not in the folder with the program (non-portable mode).
  3. Fixed blinking while switching windows pages.
  4. Source moved from github to launchpad.net (https://launchpad.net/outwiker). Now, instead git using Bazaar.
  5. Fix a few bugs in the wiki parser.

1.0 beta 2 (22.08.2010)

  1. Added ability to move pages in the tree.
  2. Added ability to rename pages without to call the page properties dialog.
  3. Added context menu for the tree notes.
  4. The relative path to pages for links are now case-insensitive.
  5. Changing the shortcut key to switch between the code and view (it was F2, became F5).
  6. If the attached file with a name that already exists among the attached files, the dialog is shown with the question "What should I do?"
  7. Folder with thumbnails of images __thumb now is not shown in the attachments.
  8. Now, tree notes, saves its state (expanded or closed site).
  9. Added a status panel that shows the link text when the mouse cursor on it.
  10. The program now uses absolute paths to folders, so when you run out of source working directory need not be a folder with the source.
  11. Fixed bugs.

1.0 beta 1 (18.07.2010)

  1. A new type of page - the page in a wiki notation.
  2. Added information about the program.
  3. Added menu item to copy to the clipboard the link to the page.
  4. Added ability to open wiki, passing the path to the command line.
  5. Added hot key and menu item to switch between the code and view.
  6. The toolbar buttons are added to align the text to HTML (center, left justified, etc.)
  7. The menu item to copy the title page to the clipboard.
  8. Before you restart the wiki is now the program asks whether you want to save the current page.
  9. Added menu item Edit (Undo / Redo / Cut / Copy / Paste).
  10. Fixed copying to clipboard from the view HTML.
  11. Minor fixes and improvements.

1.0 alpha 3 (08.06.2010)

  1. Added ability to search by page.
  2. The buttons for the main tags page HTML.
  3. Added ability to create links to attached files.
  4. Added a button to clear checkboxes from all tags in the global search.
  5. Added new icons for the pages.
  6. Added ability to attach files to the page by dragging and dropping them into the program.
  7. Improved output lists in HTML-pages.
  8. Fixed some bugs.

1.0 alpha 2 (19.05.2010)

  1. Ability to delete and rename pages.
  2. The global search for text and tags.
  3. Added a new page type - search page.
  4. Added ability to run attached files.
  5. Added ability to create links between pages.
  6. Pages in the tree are now always sorted alphabetically.
  7. Fixed some bugs.
  8. Minor interface changes.

1.0 alpha 1 (04.05.2010)

  1. First public version.