Plug-ins for OutWiker |

Plug-ins for OutWiker

To install the plug-ins need to unzip the plugin archive to plugins folder next to the outwiker.exe (if you run OutWiker in portable mode) or to outwiker\plugins directory of the user's settings folder (under Windows 7 / 8.x / 10 - C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\outwiker\plugins, under Linux - /home/USERNAME/.config/outwiker/plugins). The easiest way to open the plugin folder is select "Help - Open Plugins Folder" menu item.

In the settings window Edit - Preferences... - Plugins, you can disable the plug without removing them from the folder plugins.

If you create your own plugin and you want it to be posted on this page, send it to with description. Unit-tests encouraged.

AutoRenamerPlugin for automatic page renaming.
CounterAutomatic numbering anything on the page.
DataGraphPlot the charts on the wiki pages.
DiagrammerCreation diagrams for wiki pages.
Export2HtmlExport notes in HTML
ExternalToolsOpen notes files in external applications.
HackPagePlugin allow to edit hidden page properties.
HtmlFormatterIt is Forming the Paragraphs by <p>...</p> HTML Tags.
HtmlHeadsAdd meta tags and the <title> tag in the wiki pages.
LightboxOpen links to images in the preview window, not an external program.
LivejournalDecoration links to users and communities
MarkdownCreate page with Markdown format.
PageTypeColorChanging the page title field color when changing the page type.
ReadingModeSwitch OutWiker to reading mode.
SessionsSave the opened tabs
SnippetsPlugin to store text templates.
SourceHighlight source code
SpoilerInsert spoiler on the page
StatisticsShowing statistics by notes.
TableOfContentsCreate a table of contents in wiki page.
TeXEquationPlug-in for inserting the equations in the TeX format.
ThumbGalleryCreating a gallery of the attached pictures.
WebPageDownload pages from Internet.

Download all of the plugins in one file:

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